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Timothy Barrett's Statement to the Monterey City Council

on Fri, 11/18/2011 - 12:32am

During the Monterey City Council meeting of 11/15/2011, Timothy Barrett affirmed support for Occupy Wall Street and made a vow to hold an ongoing 24 hour one man vigil on the steps of the Monterey City Council Chambers until 100 people stood by him in peaceful assembly. What follows is the text of his statement:

Hello Mayor, City Council Members and staff, thank you, sincerely for the good work that you do. 

My name is Timothy Barrett, and I'm sitting before you to applaud the heroes who pitched their tents in Zucotti Park to stand up against the corruption that is symbolized by Wall Street, and I think the coordinated efforts across this country to disburse the peaceful assemblies of people who dared to stand up against corporate greed is a travesty.

Many of us are living in a bubble just waiting to be burst looking out at the Occupy Wall Street movement and asking, What's the message.

The message is the system is broken.

The message is students are fed up with being forced into the service of debt to acquire an education for which the jobs are being outsourced.

The message is people are dying because they've been closed out of health care.

The message is the concept of one person one vote has been obliterated by the corrupt influence of national and multinational corporations on our elections.

The message is that laws are being enacted that benefit the wealthiest 1% of our countries citizens while disadvantaging while disadvantaging the remaining 99%.

The message is that concentrating wealth in just 1% of our nation's population has resulted in boom and bust economies, impoverished state and local budgets and empty storefronts right here in this town, and the list goes on.

My message for people who don't understand what the Occupy Wall Street Movement is about is that you can begin to understand by asking some simple questions, and the questions are these, "What caused the economic situation our country is in now"? "Could it have been avoided, and do things need to change"|? Ask these questions and then drill down from there. The simple answers are that "greed has caused the economic situation our country is in now. Yes this situation could have been avoided, and yes things need to change". 

Because people need to reflect on these questions, today, the day following the crack down in Zucotti Park, I'm announcing my own, one man, ongoing 24 hour vigil right at the steps of the Monterey City Council Chambers. My vigil will commence immediately following the meeting, and my vigil will continue until there are at least 100 other patriotic people who believe in peaceful assembly standing by my side.

24 hour vigils can be dull at times, that's why I'm asking for the city's support. I would like the city to provide me with reading material in the form of a detailed written copy of the City's investment portfolio. I've found many financial statements and disclosures which make reference to undefined investments. By requesting a written copy of the investment portfolio, I hope to be able to confirm that the city of Monterey has invested its funds in a socially responsible manner, and that none of the City's funds are invested in instruments that are backed by financial institutions that have been integrally involved in socially irresponsible behavior or scandal in connection with federal bail out funds. 

Delivery of the City's investment portfolio should be simple as I will be in residence just outside these doors and in the area adjacent to the City Council Chambers.

Thank you for your indulgence, and I will appreciate an indication of when I can expect to receive the written account of the City of Monterey's investment portfolio.




What was the outcome of this? Did they provide you the document? Hope so. Thanks for doing the hard work for everyone. 


Yes, the city did provide the information. Not all their investments and banking accounts are with socially responsible companies. We're looking for help decoding the information as it's pretty complicated and no one on the direct action working group speaks accountant-ese.