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City of Monterey Response to CPRA Request - SB2 [2007] Eligible and Other Properties

on Wed, 03/14/2012 - 8:25pm

Within the City of Monterey Housing Element, there is a program that states:


"Pursuant to Senate Bill 2, the City will amend the Zoning Ordinance to allow emergency shelters as a permitted use in a newly created overlay zone in the City’s C-1, C-2, and/or C-3 zoning districts which are close to transit corridors and close to services. The City has adequate capacity on vacant and underutilized parcels (approximately 34 acres) within the C-1, C-2 and C-3 zoning districts, which are suitable for the
development of emergency shelters due to their proximity to public transit lines, social services, and personal services.
The City will create this overlay zone with specific development standards for emergency shelters. In addition, the City will evaluate adopting development and managerial standards that will be consistent with Government Code Section 65583(a)(4). These standards may include such items as:
· Lighting;
· On-site management;
· Maximum number of beds or
persons to be served nightly by the
· Off-street parking based on
demonstrated need; and
· Security during hours that the
emergency shelter is in operation."
Occupy Monterey had submitted a California Public Records Act request to the City to determine which properties in the City fall within the 34 acres described above, which would be clear examples of SB2 [2007] eligible properties.  Other information was requested as well via the California Public Records Act request, including a list of City-owned properties, and other information.  The City responded with the information desired within the time required by law (California Public Records Act).
The attached file, "Certified Housing Element Sites in Monterey per SB2 [2007]," contains information on those eligible properties.  The City of Monterey has provided clarification that in fact, the information on Table 36 (pg. 91) and Table 37 (pgs. 95, 96, and 97) represents the aforementioned eligible properties. (Please also see the reference to Fort Ord lands on page 98 ~ although the Fort Ord lands are not included in the tables of eligible properties, they are also worth further exploration.)
The attached file, "Properties Owned by City of Monterey [as of 3-14-12]," describes properties that are owned by the City.
Finally, with respect to any issuance of permits for "supportive and transitional housing types" within the context of the California Public Records Act request, the City has not received any applications for this use type and so, there are no records responsive to the request component related to evidence of permits for those types.
California Senate Bill 2 (SB 2, Chapter 633, Statutes of 2007) requires the City of Monterey to allow for emergency shelter to be provided in Commercial Zones of the City, and in residential zones, without any discretionary process required subject to nothing more than a building permit process or non-discretionary approval of lighting, management, parking, and security plan for a homeless shelter. The aforementioned lands (those described as "eligible properties," above) should now be reviewed by Occupy Monterey Peninsula and evaluated so as to determine which properties may be best suited for development of a shelter with a garden component that can be developed in such a way as to support the local economy, to implement initiatives that the owner would encourage and foster.  Eventually, a business plan should be developed together with an interested owner.
This California Public Records Act request was produced as a result of General Assembly request, related to the General Assembly consensus for development of a Slab City in Monterey, with sustainable components pertaining thereto, following a Records request to determine properties best suited for the endeavor.