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Approved Permit Issued by City of Monterey for Occupy Monterey

on Fri, 11/04/2011 - 12:46am

Attached is the approved permit issued by the City of Monterey on November 3, 2011 for Occupy Monterey.  Please read carefully through the notes and conditions established with the permit issued by the City. 

Some important points that should be noted about this permit are the following:

  • The City is our partner and is open to future discussion. The permit lays an initial pathway for establishment of a group campsite and waiver of specific rules.
  • The City desires to have a place at Veterans Park, similar to the designated City spot within the Occupy tent and table area at Colton Hall described in the permit, where a Occupy Monterey liaison will be to meet a City official if need be. (A liaison should be in both locations). This was also a request initially suggested by the Legal Team for Colton Hall and based on discussions with the City on November 3rd, is requested to be in both sites.
  • A sign will need to be posted that will have applicable Park rules and our Code of Conduct upon it at the Camp site, clearly visible.
  • At this time, there will be no fee for the Occupation to be established in the group campsite at Veterans Park.  The eight-person (density) limitation is not applicable to area(s) within the group campsite. There would be fees based on the approved permit text for use of campsites other than the group campsite area.  Discussion on this issue will continue with the City as growth of the Camp and Occupation continues.
  • The permit is an item which sets a framework for partnership with the City, but it is not the defining element of our Occupy community. The permit, providing a framework for partership with the City and a legitimate context within which the City currently has agreed to waive local rules and city code, establishes a meaningful starting point for our relationship with our City partner. The General Assembly both in the Camp and at Colton Hall will deliberate about the ongoing approach to Camp and Occupation growth and management as well as continuing to provide direction for what Occupy Monterey's specific steps should be in its partnership with the City.  The Assembly, by consensus will continue to provide direction, meaning and context for future discussions with City officials.

(This post was published at 12:46 AM PST, Nov 4 2011)