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Approved Permit Extension [3rd] by the City of Monterey for Occupy Monterey

on Thu, 01/19/2012 - 12:25pm

Attached is the approved permit extension [3rd] issued by the City of Monterey on January 19, 2011 for Occupy Monterey. Our prior permit document extension ran from noon on 1/04/12 and has an expiration at noon on 1/20/12, and was valid under the same conditions as before. The current permit document extension (attached) is valid from noon on 1/04/12 to noon on 1/23/12 and is also valid with inclusion of all the same conditions and code waivers as before.  The difference with this final permit document extension is that it was granted by virtue of City Council action on 1/17/12 (previous permit document / document extension decisions were simply the purview of City management) and is considered to be a final permit document extension, based on the City Council action.   Please read carefully through the notes and conditions established with the permit document extension issued by the City. 

Some important points that should be noted about this permit extension are the following:

  • This was a matter scheduled before City Council on the 17th of January, 2012. During this action item the issues associated with this permit document extension were brought directly before City Council for action.  The Occupy Monterey appeal document is also attached to this post, and the Occupy Monterey PowerPoint presentation shown to the City by the Legal Team on the 17th of January can be accessed and downloaded at this link:
  • The Occupy Monterey General Assembly has deliberated and reached consensus on the 14th of January, 2012 that it is not directing the Occupy Monterey Legal Team to seek a new permit that would only include Colton Hall or any new permit from the City.  Future collaboration remains possible, but any collaboration would in all likelihood be contingent upon City concessions to make available indoor space or other items which Occupy Monterey has clarified through its Assembly process are necessary, and regardless of any collaboration which may or may not occur, Occupy Monterey's General Assembly does not desire permitting for its activities including Assembly and will continue to press for changes in the City Code.  The City's legal representative at Council, in response to an inquiry from a Councilmember on legality of codes at the Occupy Monterey item on the 17th of January, has indicated that they will be looking into the assembly permit ordinance -- this is one of our objectives, and effort will continue in this area to change the City Code on Public Assembly, ideally in such a way that would remove the permit requirement.
  • When the permit document extension was granted on the 17th of January 2012 by the City Council, the motion was seconded by the Mayor, who made the second with the following comment: "(Wants to) develop better program for homeless people. We need to do a better job as a society -- that needs to be our job."
  • The permit process does not define the Occupy Monterey community and cannot constrain its activity.  It has been one component of an ongoing struggle.
  • Only through deliberations via our Assembly process can Occupy Monterey determine the best course of action and direction in terms of Occupy Monterey's next steps with the City and what this should look like.  Councilmembers who support the Mayor's statement and who desire to support Occupy Monterey regarding public assembly issues, indoor space, and / or other issues should contact Occupy Monterey via this website for further information, and should consider attending a General Assembly at Colton Hall.