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GA Notes, Jan 5, 2013

Minutes of General Assembly, Occupy Monterey Peninsula, Colton Hall, 1-5-13.  In attendance:  Mark, Heidi, Sydney, Alan & Arlene, larry, Tim wilson, Rick & Marie, Nina Beety.
1.  Changing GA meeting

GA notes December 8, 2012

Here are the notes from last GA.


1. Homelessness

A rally will be happening at the State Capitol in Sacramento in support of the Homeless Bill of Rights on Jan. 3, 2013 at 10:00 am.

GA notes December 1, 2012

These are the notes from last GA

Agenda items

1. Walmart - We have not been contacted by Wal-Mart workers. No actions planned

2. Facebook changes - The facebook site needs update.

Traveling Activists at OMP GA, August 11

We received the letter below from mobile activists (via Occupy Santa Cruz), offering to share their adventures and knowledge.

Using eminent domain to reclaim underwater homes

From an Unlikely Source, a Serious Challenge to Wall Street



Independence Day Art Display

Occupy Monterey Peninsula gets creative & sends a message to the community about decaying civil rights.

Slide Show of Occupy Monterey Peninsula's First Nine Months

Brief slide show of some of the events and accomplishments of our first 9 months.

Occupy National Gathering

Occupy Monterey Peninsula voted to ratify the National Gathering (NatGat) proposal and through deliberate consensus, created a proposal of our own to submit to the group.

Friends - I have sad news. I spoke at length with Kelsie Reilly, Jimmy's son, and I'm sad to report that Jimmy is no longer with us. Sometime in the past week, Jimmy chose a well-loved, beautiful and dramatic location high in the mountains above Santa Barbara, and there he took control of his own destiny by taking his own life. I know this is hard, but in Kelsie's words Jimmy is now one with "the spirit of the mountain" that he loved so much.

Most of us know Jimmy as being at the heart of Occupy Monterey. He accepted the duty of the Occupier of the Steps of the City Council Chambers.

Require health insurers justify their rate increases.

From the Courage Campaign: Tomorrow four health insurers will raise rates yet again -- up to 20% -- on four million Californians, and the State Insurance Commissioner will have no power to stop them,